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Water Clean up

Water Extraction
Water extraction is one of the most important steps in drying any facility and is a very time sensitive service. The longer the water sits, the more it is absorbed by the material it’s touching. It is very important to have the water extracted properly and quickly in order to reduce any secondary damage that will occur from standing water. The quicker the water is extracted the faster the structure will dry.

 Water Removal
Water will follow the path of least resistance, it will travel to places that you can’t see. Everything will look fine and then days or weeks later you will begin to smell the effects of not having a trained water removal service take care of the issue for you. With meters that measure the amount of moisture in the material as well as equipment designed to expedite the drying process, we can ensure taking care of the situation at hand with no further problems down the road. We use state of the art drying equipment for hardwood floor drying, wall cavities, underneath cabinets and numerous other areas of a structure.

Basement Water Damage
Basement water damage occurs often in Vermont, most people don’t have the proper insurance coverage for ground water in their basements. We are here to help, even when you are not covered by insurance Disaster Recovery, Inc. will work with you. Uninsured situations like this can be tough and expensive; we always keep that in mind. We will give you the same service with or without insurance coverage. We can even discuss DIY and equipment rental.

Frozen Burst Pipes
This is more common than most people even realize. Whether you have run out of heating fuel or inadequate insulation, we can help. We have temporary heat while your furnace is being fixed or replaced so the clean up process can begin immediately. Our portable heat system is thermostat controlled and runs on propane which we provide. This system brings a frozen home up to temperature for thawing and repairs within hours, not days.