Mold Remediation

Mold is caused by excess moisture in a normally dry structure.  First and foremost, you must know where that moisture is coming from in order to resolve any mold issue.  Once the moisture issue is properly corrected, then the mold should be remediated.  Remediation is the action of reversing or stopping environmental damage. 

In order to properly remediate mold, the spores themselves need to be removed.  Spraying mold spores with bleach is not a proper way to deal with mold.  Once it dries up, the spore will just become airborne again. A dead mold spore is still a health hazard.  Mold needs to be removed from the structure to ensure the safety of its inhabitants.

Mold and fungus are everywhere in our environment, so what are the major health hazards? The issue comes from having a large amount of mold spores in an enclosed living space.  Every human and animal react differently to different spore types.  Some are not bothered at all and some people get very ill.  It depends on the individual and the type of mold spore.  Most mold problems begin in non-visible areas like behind drywall, under floors, and within structural areas of your home. 

In most cases, by the time you discover a mold issue, damage has been done.  You need a professional mold remediation specialist to ensure the health and safety of your family.  Trying to remove mold yourself could cause more of it to become airborne, creating a greater health risk.

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